Advices and Tips

1. For Register/Login

  • Create your account by registering in Bumii website and also create your account by using your social media link(Facebook,Twitter and Google +) in our Register form.
  • Login via username / Email address and password. And also login using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account.

2. For Property Search

  • There is no charges for searching the properties. We are providing free subscription for all.
  • No need to get registered to search for properties.
  • To get desired property you can search with location, postcode
  • you will get property detail with Price/Rent
  • To see the property owner details in the property listing page or contact agent page.
  • To send Enquiry have to fill the details in send message form in corresponding property details page and will sent to the property owner.

3. For Post your property details

  • No charges are levied currently. Now its free for posting your property.

4. For getting alert

  • Add the Alert for property on Bumii. and view the matched property for alert by using match button in Alert page.
  • we can set alert for specific location with time.

5. Requirement

  • Only registered Users can post requirements.
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